ISP Educational Solutions™ Launches Innovative Software That’s Transforming the International Student Industry

ISP Educational Solutions™, in partnership with Ingle International, a diverse group of individuals and businesses providing customized insurance products, services, and information, launches ISP Cloud—an innovative addition to the ISP Educational Solutions family of software products that will transform the way Canadian schools do business with their international students.

ISP Cloud provides simple, secure and sustainable administrative access for parents, education agents, and school administrators to efficiently enroll and maintain student information remotely from any web-enabled device.

“ISP Cloud will change the global landscape of how we manage international students in our education system, allowing users to navigate the database anywhere, anytime, and from any device”, says Educational Solutions™ founder, Paul Robinson.

Parents from anywhere in the world can fill out enrollment forms and create student databases; education agents can manage hundreds of profiles at one time; and school administrators can process paperwork and data quickly and efficiently.

ISP Cloud enhances the international education process by making enrollment, administration, and maintenance more efficient by reducing data entry time, improving data accuracy, and increasing productivity so school administrators can provide their students with the best possible experience while studying in Canada.

This means a Canadian school administrator on recruitment in Mexico can process a student’s application from China, all hosted within a secure Canadian web application. “With web-enabled devices, parents, students, agents, and schools have the ability to connect with each other worldwide—we’ve developed a product that will give them all the same accessibility within an educational environment,” explains Robinson.

“Ingle International is dedicated to the health and safety of international students, which is why we’ve partnered with ISP to enhance the experience of all users involved in international student education,” says Scott Howard, Vice President of Business Development at Ingle International.


Ingle International specializes in insurance, health care, medical and security, and technology services worldwide. Ingle provides customized travel and student insurance solutions and travel emergency assistance services to worldwide travellers. Ingle’s group of companies includes Imagine Financial, Novus Health, sisu production, and Peak Contact.

ISP Educational Solutions simplifies the international student administration process using innovative programs such as the ISP Database and ISP Cloud. These one-stop portals connect its users, which include health insurance and homestay providers, agents, school administrators, and students and parents, through any web-enabled device. ISP Educational Solutions maximizes the effectiveness of educational institutions by increasing productivity and usability through technology. ISP Educational Solutions is committed to the international student market, creating positive experiences for students, families and educators. ISP Educational Solutions products are available worldwide, and currently serves clients in the USA and Australia.


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