Fly, Snowbird, Fly

It’s no secret that the world is changing for retirees. These days, people are living longer than ever before—and seniors are travelling differently than they once did. Rather than just heading down to relax in Florida or Mexico, many travelling seniors are bucking expectations with their travels, from taking part in adventurous activities to participating in aid projects.

As a result, the insurance industry has been forced to change the way they accommodate seniors. Where travel insurers could once expect retirees to spend their vacations lounging poolside, the new reality of senior travel means that insurers have to offer different kinds of coverage for snowbirds on the move.

To find out more about this issue, the International Travel Insurance Journal took a look at the changing world of snowbird travel—with expertise from our own Robin Ingle.

The key takeaway: every insurance policy is different, and every consumer will need different coverage to suit their unique needs. So, when purchasing insurance coverage, don’t assume that one size fits all—take charge and ask questions to make sure you’re set up with a policy that fits you!

For more on this topic, read full article here.


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