Jaana and Jenn Are Going to Malta

Winter in Toronto has been easy so far. But the real test will be the month of February. In preparation, conversations between my colleague Jaana and me about faraway places have escalated. Striking sunsets at Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, bluer than blue waters in Kemmuna, and tasty Aljotta (or Imqaret for me because of my sweet tooth) are just a few items on our wish list. We are talking about Malta.

My friend from Palermo frequents Malta and raved about last year’s Groovefest in St.Paul’s Bay. Ingle International’s CEO, Robin Ingle, attends Annual General Meetings at one of our offices based in Valetta, and has told us tales of touring temples and the like. Jaana and I have lived vicariously, but for how much longer? After great debate, we created a list of 5 things we would make the most time for given the opportunity to travel to Malta. In no particular order, they include:


1. Food
We are willing to eat our way through Malta.  And with snacks like pastizzi, wudy, and timpana, the task will be easy. We have decided on the following must-see restaurants to satisfy our fish and rabbit cravings: Tartarun in Marsaxlok, Ximo in Wied il-Għajn and Il Barri in Mgarr. We won’t forget to ask locals about their favourites too.


2. Art and Architecture

Outside of Ingle International, I am an experimental artist and Jaana is a documentarian.  We would love to listen to a talk at the Malta Contemporary Art collective. Our museum and gallery shortlist includes MUŻA, Lily Aguis, and SO Galerie.  To fulfill our architectural curiosities, we will take a stroll through the city-centre of Sliema. To be a flâneur!


3. Sports

Jaana is a star athlete. I am not.  But I will throw caution to the wind for a date with the fishes. The Azure Window is our top choice for snorkeling because of its thriving aquatic life and grand limestone arch.  We would also give Ghar Lapsi a try, because it is less touristy and rumour has it there are plenty of rock fish. Jaana might take off to Mellieħa Bay for some water-skiing if the snorkeling is not hard-core enough. I will watch from afar.


4. Peace
Though we love to explore with high energy, making time for quiet is really important to us. We choose Malta’s self-proclaimed most remote beach, Fomm ir-Riħ Bay. Apparently, the road to this gem is a bit steep and tricky, but we don’t mind the walk. For leisurely swims, we might take a dip in St. Peter’s Pool . And let us not forget the sunsets of Għajn Tuffieħa.


5. History
Malta is an archaeologist’s fantasy. Read, set, excavate! Okay, we are not archaeologists, but we are happy to sit on the sidelines. First up, a visit to the Museum of Archaology, followed by a thorough discovery of the Tarxien, Ħaġar Qim, Mnajdra and Ġgantija Temples. Who were the giants, and what were their rituals?

So what do you say Air Malta? Will you take us with you?


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