Know the Rules of Travel and Stay Insured

More and more, people of all ages are putting what used to be “private” information on the internet and various social media sources that are cropping up. These sources have proven to be valuable tools for people wanting to stay “connected.”

But be aware that computers and their progeny were developed for one thing: the storage of information. And once that information is entered on a computer, or any other medium, it’s there for good, even though you may wish not to have it so. This could have bad consequences if you’re not careful.

For example, telling all your friends—and some who may not be so friendly—that you are travelling to Nepal for a month may give your ego a boost, but it also gives potential house burglars a perfect target to hit while you are away. Be careful: talk about your trip to Nepal when you return rather than before you go.

Also, with the increasingly sophisticated automation of passport technology, don’t assume that information about where, when and how you travel will remain a deep secret. More and more governments—particularly the U.S. and Canada—are sharing information, and you better start counting the days you spend out of the country and adhering to the rules. The days of driving to Cleveland for a ballgame and being waved on without question are nearing an end.

By all means continue travelling, but do so while knowing the rules.

Very soon, if you are a member of TIF’s Snowbird Plus program, you will find a free updated copy of our e-book on cross border travel on the TIF site. It will give you a summary of the rules you need to know both from the U.S. point of view and also from the provincial perspective, as several provinces have changed the time limits required for you to be in the province. We will give you a province-by-province breakdown.

We also are working to get you more advantageous offers for travel health insurance, which you must have, even for a short trip out of the country. We will keep you apprised of that over the summer.

So stay tuned, stay alert, and above all, stay insured.



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