Less is More: Travel in the World of Social Media

A Daily Routine

My daily routine consists of waking up and going straight for my phone to check if I have any missed texts, emails, or phone calls. I then proceed to update myself on both Instagram and Snapchat to see what I missed during in the 8 hours I was asleep. Once I feel like I have caught up in the world of my 100 closest friends, I read my horoscope (I am very superstitious), and then get on with my morning. Social media plays a major part in my life…

And it has changed drastically from what it used to be. From a travelling perspective, the biggest concerns faced are: what is a clever caption for my Instagram picture? What is the prime time to post my picture in order to maximize my number of likes? Who has seen my snapchat story? What geo filters are popular right now? Is there a live snapchat story for the city I am in?

This may sound ridiculous to some, but is it really? Gone are the days of in-person story telling sessions, travel diaries and post cards. Social media is the next generation wave of storytelling.


Old to New Age

As we transition from the old to new age of social media communications in the age of social media, some negatives can be felt. For example, how 1 like can affect an individual’s memory of how much they enjoyed an experience, or the minimization of expression within the confines of a 140 character word count. People are no longer focused on the moment itself. With applications like Instagram, part of posting a new picture includes the options of changing nearly everything before you have time to think about how to caption it. It encourages individuals to continuously alter their perception of reality.

Despite the cons of social media, the pros carry a heavy weight. Their demand acts as a tell all. We live in such a fast pace society where everything must be accessible, fast, and portable. Many people are no longer invested in reading text messages or lengthy emails. Further, it takes more time to write a postcard and place it in a mailbox instead of posting a picture with a caption to get the same message across.


Less is More

In the world of social media, less is more. Instagram affords views in one simple scroll, and Facebook has followed suit in their updated album format. Twitter displays a happening in a mere sentence and Snapchat opens up to a million different places in 1 picture or 10 second video. Social media applications and traveling go hand in hand because it is the most accessible way for travelers to share their experiences. It is wild to imagine the effects of social media to travelling 10 years from now.


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