Meet Lachlan—The Real Winner of Ingle’s Travel Backpack

This year, we met many travel enthusiasts at the Go Global Expo, but only one of them was our lucky winner! Meet Lachlan, son of Shelagh. Although his mother’s name was drawn for the prize, it looks like Lachlan gets to keep this ultra-durable backpack, perfect for any adventure.

While this is far from Shelagh’s first time getting her hands on a travel backpack, it will be a new experience for Lachlan. He is planning a gap year after he graduates from high school this spring, and his mother has been encouraging him to include travel in his pre-university plans.

Lachlan, winner of the Ingle backpackAnd no wonder! Shelagh’s first adventure began a few years after she graduated university, and though she planned a four-month trip, it somehow evolved into twenty-four months abroad. During her first two years away, she travelled to the far corners of South Asia, Oceania, and the US, and rather than hopping on a tour bus and hitting well-known tourist attractions, Shelagh took a more adventurous route, opting for local modes of transport and taking in native delicacies like sun-dried bugs along the way.

Though Shelagh’s since settled down back in Canada, precluding her from any spontaneous two-year trips, she and her family still keep travel on their agenda. Her next dream destination would be a family trip to New Zealand—enjoying the scenery, the Lord of the Rings connection, and, of course, the wine…

But even if Shelagh’s taste buds have moved on to finer things than insects, she still hopes to pass on the spirit of adventurous travel to her children—hence giving this great travel prize to her son. And with his new Ingle backpack, which Shelagh praises for its “great size and very comfortable design,” Lachlan will be well prepared for any journey he chooses.

Congratulations, Shelagh and Lachlan! We hope your new backpack travels with you and your family on many adventures to come!


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