Meet the Interns

When we asked Sheethala and Sriram about their internship experience at Ingle International, they were available for comment. Learn about their mentors, new technology learned, and their favourite spots in and around the office! Watch their video now.


While Ze Ran was unavailable for filming, he did have a lot to say about his internship at Ingle International. He felt that Ingle is an ideal place for learning it because of the vast range of technologies available. Skill sets such as front end and back end design, product development and coding efficiency were nurtured. Ze Ran was mentored by software engineer, Ben Maynard, and was provided with additional feedback by development team lead, Justin Lee. He worked on projects including foundations of insurance platforms, policies, lateral framework, API, as well as database management and migration. Ze Ran felt this internship stood out because he was challenged every day instead of being handed tedious tasks.  He appreciated the central location of the office and all the culinary delights China town has to offer.


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