More on Travel Insurance for Kids

With summer travel season coming on quickly, you need to be especially aware (as noted in the previous post) that travel with children requires some extra precautions. This is especially so when travelling to countries more distant than the United States.

We have already emphasized the need for passports for children (each individual child needs one—no matter what the age), and letters of permission to travel with non-parents (even if the kids have the same name as you).

Just as important is that you either have individual travel health insurance policies for each of the children, or each of them are named on a family policy (which some of our insurance advertisers offer).

Kids get into trouble: they climb where they shouldn’t; they eat something that is perhaps not well prepared, or likely to upset them; they explore where it may not be safe, and they can easily end up in an emergency room—or the hallway of a hospital, where the staff has no idea of their history, or the medications they have been taking or of what they are dealing with. Consequently, the costs of their care mount rapidly. And it’s not only in the U.S. that hospital costs can soar astronomically.

Any hospital, anywhere in the world, to which you would entrust your child’s health, is expensive.

Medical care, which relies on some of the most advanced technology and highly educated and skilled people, is by its very nature very expensive—in Japan, China, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, England, Mexico, wherever you go.

If you want top grade care, which you would for your child, that is a reality you must face. That’s why travel health insurance is a necessity for every family—and every part of that family—leaving Canada for any vacation of any length. There are no national health insurance programs in any country that will cover you or your child at that government’s expense. And there are many hospitals that will insist on payment at the time of service from you, if you don’t have adequate insurance. And the Canadian provincial insurance contributions for out-of-country care are so insignificant, they really wouldn’t be acceptable.

By all means take your kids with you and show them the world. But make sure of your precautions first.

Several of our insurance advertisers offer family plans that will fit your needs and will be cheaper than buying individual policies. But the way to find out what is best for you is to talk to our advertisers, ask questions, and then make the right choice.

All travel insurers advertising on this site meet TravelInsuranceFile’s acceptability criteria for out-of-country health benefits for Canadian residents and they represent most of the major insurers and underwriters in Canada. They can all advise you on the limitations and allowances of travel to distant countries. Some of them offer family plans. Speak with them, explore their products online, ask questions, and once you get the right answers, buy right online.

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