6 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is the Most Thoughtful Gift You’ll Ever Give

The holidays are coming. Time for family, overindulging, and—for many of us—travel.  Whether it’s children planning long trips home to be with aging parents, friends splurging on an overseas New Year’s celebration, couples taking romantic holiday getaways, or snowbirds getting ready for their journeys south, one thing’s for sure: Many Canadians are planning their vacations right about now.

If you are taking part in a gift exchange this season, you may be wondering what to get the avid travellers in your life. Have you ever considered… travel insurance? While it’s unlikely insurance will ever make anyone’s wish list, it definitely gets points for originality, so you can rest assured that this is a gift they’ll never, ever forget. And hey, if it’s truly the thought that counts, then gifts don’t get much more thoughtful than this. Really.

Don’t believe me? Read on to find out six reasons why travel insurance might be the most thoughtful gift your loved one will ever receive.


1. It shows you care about their health.

No one expects to catch the flu or sprain their ankle while travelling, but that doesn’t mean your loved one is immune to illness or injury. Be their guardian angel! Providing them with a safety net should the unexpected occur means you are helping keep your friends and family safe, healthy, and happy during their travels.

Did you know? Travellers with pre-existing conditions must disclose all information about their health conditions when purchasing travel insurance. Withholding details could result in a denied claim!


2. You are potentially saving them big bucks.

If your loved ones require medical care while outside of the country (or province), their medical bills will likely be too expensive to pay out of pocket, and could mean a lifetime of debt. Considering that one night in a US hospital costs an average of just under $4,000, while life-or-death procedures cost in the hundreds of thousands, you’d be saving their money—and the day—by ensuring their health care is covered.

Did you know? A two-week travel insurance policy for a young and healthy adult can be as low as $25! Now that’s an inexpensive gift that keeps on giving. Browse our products.


3. It shows you put family first.

Imagine yourself in the emergency ward of a country not your own, with family and friends far, far away. Now imagine receiving medical care in a hospital whose customs and language are unfamiliar. Having to overcome these types of challenges while unwell can make an emotionally stressful situation even worse. The right travel insurance will cover the cost of bringing family to a patient’s bedside in case they are hospitalized—a priceless part of the package.

Did you know? Studies show (see page 7; requires Adobe Reader) that having the support of loved ones can speed up the recovery process.


4. You are saving them from themselves.

If your loved ones are adventure travellers who go by the motto “I’ll try anything once,” it won’t be surprising if they come back with a few cuts and bruises instead of souvenirs. But are they considering the more serious injuries that could result from their favourite activities? Special interests, like mountain climbing, scuba diving, or hang-gliding, may need a special type of travel insurance. The biggest risk for risk-takers—contrary to popular belief—is not jumping out of airplanes, but travelling without travel insurance.

Did you know? Emergency evacuation by air ambulance is part of the emergency assistance services that comes with most travel insurance policies. Without coverage, costs for this type of emergency transportation can be astronomical—even in Canada.


5. It’s a gift that lasts all year.

If your loved ones can’t seem to stay in one place, if their passports run out of pages well before it expires, if they spend more time in hotel rooms than their own bedrooms, a multi-trip annual plan might actually be the perfect gift they didn’t know they wanted. It’s good for an unlimited number of trips in one year, and you don’t need to know what dates they will be travelling before making a purchase.

Did you know? Multi-trip annual plans are convenient, affordable, and perfect for spontaneous travellers. Buy online now!


6. You are getting them a gift they actually need.

One-third of Canadian travellers don’t buy travel insurance. And more than 50 per cent of Canadian youth travel uninsured. Are your loved ones making the smart decision before a trip? You would hope so! But if they are making the mistake of travelling uncovered, this means that you could be getting them a gift that they absolutely, positively need.

Did you know? Children need travel insurance too. They may be physically active, free of stress, and healthier in general, but kids are also more prone to breaking bones or contracting the flu. And don’t fool yourself into thinking they’ll get lower rates for their medical care!


So when it comes to buying the perfect present for your loved ones, we challenge you to think outside of the gift box. Rather than an unwanted book that gathers dust, an unloved shirt that hangs at the back of a closet, or yet another uninspired gift card, why not try something a little different this year?

We promise: This is one gift they will never forget. And, if they actually need to use their travel insurance while away from the comforts of home, they will thank you for your thoughtful gift for years and years to come.


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