Multi-Trip Annual Plans for Each Slice of the Travel Pie

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that trips are like pizzas—as soon as they’re finished, you can’t help but think about your next one. And no one knows this better than Canadians, who continue to travel more than ever. This is why travel insurers offer multi-trip annual plans to cater to the needs of frequent travellers. By covering an unlimited number of trips over the course of a year, annual plans ensure you’ll be covered for each trip AND save you money.

Not sure if you need single-trip or multi-trip travel insurance? If you’re one of the following types of traveller, a multi-trip annual plan is for you…


The weekender

Do you love to dart across the border for some binge shopping at an outlet mall? Are you hooked on US football games (or at least the tailgating beforehand)? No matter how short the trip or how young and healthy the traveller, Canadians need to make sure that they’re covered each time they leave the country—especially when travelling to the US, where health care costs are astronomical. Multi-trip annual plans are available for durations as short as one to four days per trip at a cost as low as $25 a year. So if you score tickets to the big game or hear about a sale starting tomorrow, annual plans will let you leave in a hurry—since you’re already covered.


The snowbird

Canadians love to escape our harsh winters by heading down south, and travel insurance lets them do so without worrying about paying for costly emergency medical expenses. But many snowbirds also like to spread their wings in the summer months by taking a cruise or visiting other international destinations. A multi-trip annual plan can help keep their insurance as affordable as possible by covering the first portion of each trip (e.g., 35 days). A top-up can then be purchased for any additional days needed in the winter. If you’re a snowbird planning more than one extended trip, you can even find multi-trip annual plans that cover longer durations (e.g., 125, 155, or 182 days per trip), such as the Freedom Emergency Medical plan.


The business traveller

Many employee benefit insurance programs include travel medical coverage. However, self-employed business travellers or employees who work on a contract basis may not have the luxury of coverage provided by their employer. Furthermore, the travel insurance included in employee benefit programs may have a limitation on the number of days covered per trip (e.g., 15 or 20 days). If you travel frequently for work and don’t have coverage through your employer, or if your trips regularly exceed the number of days covered by your employee benefits, a multi-trip annual plan is the way to go.


The Canuck

Do you love exploring our home and native land from east coast to west? Savvy Canadian travellers know that they need insurance even when travelling within Canada. But did you know that some multi-trip annual plans, such as the Medi-Select Advantage plan, automatically include unlimited travel within the country? That means for as little as $25 a year, you can be covered throughout Canada, with no limitation on the duration of each trip.


Anyone else who travels more than once a year

The bottom line is this: If you purchase more than one single-trip policy per year, you may be paying too much for travel insurance. So the next time you call or click to arrange coverage, make sure to check the rates for an annual plan. You may be surprised at how affordable they are. More importantly, they give you one less thing to worry about before each trip. This allows you the freedom to explore all of your dream destinations—from Italy (for an authentic Neapolitan pizza) to New York (for a guilty, greasy street slice), to Chicago (for an epic deep-dish pie). Oops, there I go thinking about pizza again.


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