My Friends and Family Are Coming to Visit! Do They Need Insurance?

Once you’ve settled into your new home in Canada, it’s a wonderful treat to get a visit from your family members or your friends from back home.

When your guests arrive, you’ll want to show them around your new surroundings—maybe take them to sample the local cuisine or go on a side trip or two. What you definitely don’t want is to spend your time worrying about their health—or for the visit to be spoiled by a doctor’s bill.

Medical care in Canada can be very expensive, and that fact is no different for your visitors. Even if they aren’t here for very long, the cost of one day in a Canadian hospital can be up to $3,000 for a non-resident!

But don’t worry—that’s no reason to stop your loved ones from coming to see you! Visitors to Canada insurance plans are available just for cases like these.

Take a look at our options for visitor plans that can keep your guests covered—and then get back to thinking about all the fun things you’ll do when they arrive. Happy visiting!


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