Papua New Guinea Expedition: Ingle International Supports the Young and Adventurous

If you had the chance to travel to a part of the world so remote that locals had little to no contact with western civilization… a place where more than 799 dialects are spoken (but English ain’t one)… where cannibalism is rumoured to have once been a thing… would you do it?

If your answer is no, I don’t blame you. But still, you may want to live vicariously through these two guys from the safety of your armchair.

If your answer is yes, you’d better read on to find out how these two are tackling the challenge… and get inspired for your future adventures!

This month, twenty-somethings Patrick Hutton and Richard Johnson will attempt to make possible the previously impossible: Completing a “human-powered” crossing of Papua New Guinea in 24 short weeks. When asked what they mean by human-powered, they explained: “We will not be using any motorised transportation to propel ourselves forward to our end destination, Daru, at any point. We will be walking, trekking and paddling the entire route.”


But while these guys may be fearless, they aren’t reckless. With risks such as bumping into guerilla groups along the Indonesian border or succumbing to illness in what they’ve described as a “breeding ground for infection,” they knew they’d need travel insurance to cover them in the event things went dangerously off course. So they teamed up with Ingle International to get the best travel insurance for their journey. Smart guys. Ingle experts recommended the HCC Atlas Travel plan for this sort of hazard-ridden expedition and assured them that emergency assistance services are just a phone call away—even in the remotest parts of Papua New Guinea. We also donated 50% of the cost of their policy towards their adventures to come.

Why? Because these guys are travellers after our own hearts. Not only are they making an attempt to promote international relations between a previously isolated group and the rest of the world, they are also making sure to limit their carbon footprints while travelling. And most importantly, they’re doing it for a good cause. Patrick and Richard hope to raise money to help ChildFund “boost their deliveries of essential vaccinations to children in remote rural villages.”

And speaking of children, we asked the duo of daredevils what their mothers thought of their grown-up kids’ latest adventure. We learned that their parents continue to be quite supportive—but still, if they were to call the whole thing off, their “Mums would be pretty happy to have their boys safe and sound at home!”

Good thing they partnered up with Ingle. If they find themselves in a bind, we’ll help them make it to the finish line.


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