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The Lily Likes It Here podcast came to fruition over the winter of 2016 shortly after sisu production hit the frosty streets of Toronto to conduct interviews about the NBA all-star weekend. Later, in a warmer think tank, sisu and other creatives held a podcast brainstorm. At first, a common thread that tied all of our colleagues together was their love of travel. Or so we thought, until Lily expressed an attitude of indifference towards it. The road to Lily’s logic is far more complex than opposition, and we are determined to learn more about it.

Welcome to Lily Likes It Here. Join Lily and her panel of distinguished guests as they duel over distant lands, culinary firsts, and missed connections. Lily doesn’t not like to travel, per se—she just hasn’t been inspired to. Can she be convinced to leave the comforts of home and travel the world?

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