Pop Quiz for Travellers!

Everyone loves a pop quiz, right? Wait, don’t answer that. We like them. But we love expos and conferences, where opportunities abound to connect and network with industry leaders, as well as with the most important part of our business—you. Conversations with travellers help us focus our own business, improve our products, and deliver better experiences to you.

And it’s fun. We took it to the public once again when we cornered met with attendees at the 2015 Go Global Expo in Toronto to ask them about the facts of travel insurance. What’s covered, what’s not . . .  And what about that base tan? Is that even a thing?

Some of the answers may surprise you. Our interview subjects faired pretty well. How would you score? Just in case you fail miserably, there’s always the helpline@ingleinternational.com. Now watch this short video for fun facts from our new friends!


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