Product Spotlight! Allianz Emergency Hospital Medical Plan

The Allianz Emergency Hospital Medical plan makes it easy for the whole family to get away… without blowing the household budget.

When you’re taking the whole clan along, travel can sometimes get a little stressful. You’ve got to make sure everyone stays safe and accounted for, not to mention finding consensus on what to do, what to eat, where to go, what to see…

Fortunately, travel insurance is one aspect of your trip that requires no negotiations. This plan covers everyone. Family rates are calculated by doubling the price of coverage for the oldest adult. This means every person in your family is covered for the price of two. Put the money you save towards both the activities that you and your family have yet to agree on.

Otherwise, benefits include the usual (air ambulance, hospital accommodation, and medical specialists for example), plus some pretty cool extras: a separate set of USA rates for short trips (weekend shopping, anyone?) or long-term travel (see you next spring, snowbirds!), the option to purchase after departure (flexibility? yes, please!), and an identity fraud recovery benefit that’s exclusive to Allianz (wow, a policy as unique as you are).

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