Product Spotlight! Canadian Student Travel Insurance Plan

Ingle International Inc. is proud to spotlight the Canadian Student Travel Insurance Plan. The Canadian Student Travel Insurance Plan is an exclusive outbound travel insurance product that looks after Canadian students and chaperones from the majority of school boards across Alberta. Students and chaperones housed under the school boards that make up the group, can expect all-inclusive coverage backed by 24/7 emergency medical and security assistance. This applies to all valid school trips, with no limits to the number of trips, or trip duration.

In parallel to students returning to school, the release of this plan is supported by a custom travel insurance microsite created by Ingle International which provides policy information, access to medical facilities within a student’s radius, and consumer friendly content. Three key features of the Canadian Student Travel Insurance Plan include:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption: protection for pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs prior to departure and coverage for unforeseen travel expenses post-departure. Automatically included is the “School Board Discretion” benefit, a unique trip cancellation feature that provides partial coverage for trips cancelled for reasons other than the specific insured risks listed in the policy wording (“cancel for any reason” coverage).
  • Emergency Medical: coverage for expenses related to unforeseen sickness and injury, including medical transportation.
  • Duty of Care: mobile security alerts,  real-time traveller tracking, and two-way communication courtesy of the Travel Navigator™ dashboard

Are you a student or chaperone based in Alberta?  You might be part of a school board that uses the Canadian Student Travel Insurance Plan. Contact our student team to find out.

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