Product Spotlight! Gold International Student Plan

The  Gold International Student plan is just what the doctor ordered for students far away from home.

Unlike some plans that may not make the grade, the Gold option makes sure international students in Canada are covered for urgent medical care AND treatment for non-emergencies (which includes care for both physical and mental health).

In the event of an emergency that requires special treatment, stressed-out students can enjoy relaxing benefits like acupuncture, physiotherapy, and naturopathy.

Those looking for a study break can take a short trip to another province or country, knowing their travels are covered.

And for students welcoming family from abroad, they can also welcome them on to their health insurance plan—that’s right, caring is sharing!

Last but not least, as long as coverage is for an entire year, one general checkup and one eye exam are included.

Want health coverage that gets a gold star? Simple enough! Go gold.

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