Put Your Jet Lag to Sleep—Once and For All?

Ah, jet lag. The one part of travel that travel lovers are not enamoured with. And while health experts have shared a multitude of tips with us over the years—from staying hydrated to foregoing that glass of wine  to indulging in a long shower after a very long flight—none of these little tricks ever seem to do the… trick.

Lucky for us, scientists and tech geeks alike are busy working on a miracle cure.

→ There’s an app for that. If you want to treat your jet lag—without treatment—you might want to opt for this cool app that helps your body adjust to new time zones.

→ Sleep in a bottle. Need something a little stronger? A pill that resets your body clock might be just the thing to help you adapt.

(Check out this cool video about the Entrain app)

The catch? These two ‘cures’ are still in the works! We’ll be eagerly (and sleepily) waiting to see if testing proves them right. Hopefully, they won’t leave us snoozing for too long. Which one would you vote for? Or do you have your own antidote to share with us?


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