Robin Ingle on Finding Insurance Coverage for Travelling Snowbirds

With another cold Canadian winter on the horizon, many retired Canadian seniors are looking to spread their wings and head south. But while these so-called snowbirds are in the prime time of their lives to enjoy a relaxing winter in the heat, they also frequently have to contend with pre-existing conditions that make travel insurance coverage a challenge. This is not just a concern for the snowbirds themselves, but equally so for the insurance advisors who serve them.

So, what do insurance advisors need to know about offering insurance coverage to snowbirds? Robin Ingle was on hand to speak to the Insurance Journal about some of the key things to look out for.


If You Have Snowbird Clients, Make Sure You Pay Attention To…

  • Eligibility: Every policy differs in what conditions it will and will not cover. For instance, a policy might specify that those with terminal conditions are ineligible, while someone with cancer may or may not be covered. Check the fine print to find out if a policy fits with your client’s situation.
  • Pre-existing conditions: On top of making sure their conditions are covered, this means ensuring that your client’s conditions meet the terms of the stability clause for each policy. Any changes in your client’s medical status will need to be shared with the insurer right away.
  • Age restrictions: Some policies won’t cover individuals over a certain age. Does your client meet the specified terms?
  • Your client’s needs: Always make sure to ask plenty of questions to ensure you know (a) what benefits your client hopes to get from their policy, as well as (b) what their most recent medical status is. The more communication up front, the less likely there is to be dissatisfaction down the line!

To learn more about finding the right coverage for snowbirds, read the full article here.


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