Rolling Back the Travel Advisory

With the Canadian government’s travel advisory lifted for the first time since March 2020, Canadians are eager to start exploring again.

While cruise travel outside of Canada is still off the table and full vaccination against COVID-19 is needed 14 days before travel, our Canuck Voyage plan will help them to travel with confidence, peace of mind – and COVID-19 coverage. This includes up to $7,000,000 in coverage for:


Treatment of unforeseen medical events


Hospital fees including doctors, nurses, drugs, and tests


Ground, air, or sea ambulance to the nearest medical facility


Air transportation back home, if medically necessary

AND DON’T FORGET: people who travel together qualify for an automatic 5% companion discount off their insurance policy!

For details on the Government of Canada’s updated travel notice, visit

Contact us for more information on Canuck Voyage and our other insurance plans,
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Get a quote today and get protected when traveling outside Canada.!

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