Should Travellers Prepare for Bardarbunga’s Eruption?

In Iceland, there are concerns that the Bardarbunga volcano may be threatening to erupt—and many travellers are flashing back to four years ago, when Eyjafjallajokull’s ash cloud brought many airports to a grinding halt.

Back then, Eyjafjallajokull’s eruption caused over a week of delays for the airline industry, leaving millions of travellers stranded in Europe and the UK.

So, as Bardarbunga rumbles today, should travellers be concerned?

Not just yet. While movements of magma have been confirmed—a possible sign that an eruption might be on the way—there’s nothing certain about it at this point. And air travel in the region has yet to be affected.

In fact, even if the volcano should erupt, Europe’s air authority claims that there are now “better mechanisms in place” to navigate a volcanic ash scenario than there were back when Eyjafjallajokull was grounding flights in 2010.

That said, there’s no telling what might happen out among the Icelandic glaciers in the coming days. And the (mostly uninhabited) area around the volcano has already been evacuated—a sign that this isn’t news to just brush off.

So what’s a worried traveller to do? While you can’t stop Bardarbunga from doing what it’s going to do, you can make sure you have a trip cancellation/interruption policy on hand to reimburse you for any cancelled flights or interrupted trips.


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