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Fernweh Travel Newsletter

Fernweh is a German word with no exact English translation, although wanderlust—the desire to travel—comes close. Fernweh means a longing for far-off places and grows into dreams and adventures that define a lifetime. It may best be described as an ache for distant places. In some sense, fernweh is the opposite of homesickness. Fernweh is the desire to seek out the unfamiliar and the unknown.

And we are here to bring you the inspiration to get out of your comfort zone and explore all that the world has to offer!

Our Fernweh Travel Newsletter is your resource for:

  • Inspiration to explore new and unfamiliar or well-loved foreign lands
  • Travel tips and advice you may have had no idea about
  • Products that will ease your travel worries
  • Industry news on travel and insurance

Let Fernweh keep it light and relevant: we’ll clarify complex information while providing you with time- and money-saving tips on travel insurance and safety.

Distance breaks routine, wakes us up, and invites the unexpected. Through distance we become enlightened, and through travel we’re granted deep personal insights, ultimately because we are the sum of our experiences. And there is no greater experiencing this vast world, even if only for a little while.

Be entertained, stay informed, and prepare for travel with Fernweh. Happy travels!

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