Silver Linings of a Bad Travel Experience

Travel is a beautiful thing. It encourages you to discover new places, meet new people, and try new things. How could you not love it?

In reality, many people do not love it. I know a great deal of people who are much happier to stay at home. Why? Because they are not prepared to deal with the headaches when things go wrong. I say the same thing to these people every time: Bad luck makes for the best stories!

Yes, your friends and family are pleased when they hear there were no missed trains, lots of great food options, and awesome locals that were dedicated to your happiness…but let’s be honest, hearing everything went “right” isn’t all that interesting!

I have had my fair share of terrible (travel) luck, but the silver lining is that they are always the greatest stories to share! Who wouldn’t want to know about the time I was stranded in Belfast with nowhere to sleep on a night when Sinn Féin and the RAF were set to rumble? Then there was that great adventure when I left my bags and passport on a train in Japan that decided to leave without me. What about the time I wandered around in the pouring rain, until well after midnight, looking for my hostel in a flooded Venice?

I will be honest: during these “adventures,” I am typically not happily pondering my next great travel story, but now, when I look back and reflect, these moments of bad luck make me smile.

The take-away? Always rely on the fact that panic is fleeting, but memories are forever.


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