sisu production Expands into a New Production Space and New Formats


TORONTOOct. 27, 2015 /CNW/ – sisu production, a visual storytelling media production company, is expanding its services with a new state-of-the-art facility in downtown Toronto.

sisu, which is Finnish for strength, endurance, and determination, planned on a 2015 expansion when it launched in 2013—and expanded it has. The new facility features filming and production space, including a state-of-the-art sound booth and recording studio. The expansion will allow sisu to develop its client portfolio and take on larger projects.

“The new studio space will allow sisu to film anything at any time, for a faster turnaround, opening the doors for a larger client base,” explains Robin Ingle, executive producer at sisu production.

Since 2013, sisu has provided high-end video production as well as pre- and post-production services in the form of short films, web movies, documentaries, tutorials, commercials, testimonials, animated pieces, and training videos. In only two years, sisu has racked up a solid client base, including Google and VarageSale, the rapidly growing online buy-and-sell platform. They have also produced media for major health care and insurance companies.

sisu takes a bespoke approach to storytelling. By identifying target audiences, sisu creates unique and impactful narratives. One movie can’t say everything, nor does it need to: there is always time for many conversations. The creative team at sisu is looking forward to enhancing its transmedia resources and firmly believes that stories should be told using various techniques across multiple platforms. Each format has its benefits, attracts a different audience, and produces engagement that varies from channel to channel.

sisu production is a partnership with international flair—Robin Ingle has 40 years of experience in the international insurance, travel assistance and security industry, while Jaana Hein, head of production, is originally from Germany and has been involved in numerous productions in Europe, the Middle EastNorth America, and Latin America.

The team will continue to provide production for the Ingle Group of Companies, producing a wide range of content for its clients and consumers, including corporate movies, photos, tutorials, testimonials, and promotional films. “This expansion will allow us to dive deeper into other media, such as podcasts. We are currently in pre-production for our first travel series for Ingle International,” says Hein.

Hein recently travelled to South Africa with the South African Department of Trade and Industry to explore opportunities and connect with leaders in the international film production industry.  And although sisu has been busy in the digital space, it is exploring opportunities in the documentary world. “We are continuing to grow, and we are happy to talk to people and look into possible co-production opportunities,” adds Hein.


About sisu production

Offering high-end media production services, sisu production tells stories through film and images. How? By listening to what each client has to say. From that first bright idea to a beautifully captured moment to a message that is elegantly conveyed, sisu produces visual experiences that speak to every client’s need.

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For further information: contact Jaana Hein at or at 1.416.649.4180.


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