Spotlight on Intrepid 24/7: 5 Emergency Assistance Case Studies

In each of the following cases, Intrepid 24/7 provided end-to-end care, including:

  • Assessing each case upon receipt
  • Determining the appropriate transportation and health care options for each patient
  • Negotiating medical fees
  • Reviewing treatment plans and patient status
  • Communicating with all relevant parties on the patient’s behalf, including doctors, nurses, families, and insurers

Case 1: Mountain Rescue in Chile



Santiago, Chile, 2014. While skiing in the mountains, the case subject went off-piste and sustained injuries in a fall.


  • The fall occurred away from the slopes, far from any infrastructure.


A full rescue mission was required to extract the skier from the situation. Because the skier’s fall occurred so far off the track, Intrepid 24/7 organized an airlift via helicopter to the nearest hospital.

The skier spent four days in hospital before making a recovery.

Case 2: Injured in the Jungle



Costa Rica, 2015. While hiking along a river in the jungles of Costa Rica, the case subject fell and sustained a few fractures.


  • Because of the rough jungle terrain, the hiker could not be accessed by any vehicles, either by road or by air.


Intrepid 24/7 coordinated a two-stage rescue mission: first, due to the rough terrain, the hiker had to be reached on foot. She was then transported on a stretcher to a proper landing site from where she could be air-lifted to the nearest hospital.

After the initial assessment of her condition, the patient was eventually moved to a larger hospital in a bigger city for ongoing care.

Case 3: Surfing Accident in Hawaii



Hawaii, 2015. A Tahitian pro surfer was competing in a surfing competition in Hawaii when he wiped out and hit his head. He was found unconscious in the water.


  • The surfer had purchased travel insurance, but not competitive sport insurance.
  • Police were present when the accident occurred, but a report was not filed.
  • The hospital was not forthcoming with medical records.


Intrepid 24/7 was involved in complex negotiations with the hospital in order to release the surfer’s medical records. His father was also flown in to be by his bedside.

Intrepid coordinated the insurance as best as they could, but unfortunately, as competitive sports were not covered under his insurance policy, Intrepid had to walk away from his medical bills.

The surfer sustained extensive trauma from the incident and is still in recovery.

Case 4: Equestrian Emergency



New Jersey, 2014. A horseback rider took a very bad fall off her horse while training for the Pan Am Games. She sustained severe liver trauma, broken ribs, and a possible hip fracture.


  • The subject was a new mother who was breastfeeding her baby at the time of the accident.
  • She was also a Canadian citizen who was training in the U.S.


The rider was first taken to a hospital in the United States, and was then transported for ongoing care in Canada via air ambulance. Intrepid 24/7 maintained communication with her family all the way through—crucial in this case, due to the rider being a new mom. Intrepid also negotiated the rate of her hospital fees down by 50%.

The rider recovered well and went on to win the silver.

Case 5: Stranded on Easter Island



2015, South Pacific Ocean. A traveller in his 50s experienced a heart attack while on a vacation cruise.


  • Cruise operators are most often not equipped to deal with medical emergencies on board, nor are they obligated to assist in a medical situation. Standard procedure is simply to drop the ailing passenger at the nearest port of landing and continue on without them, potentially leaving them without care or transit home.
  • In this case, the guest in question was left on Easter Island, the nearest port to the cruise ship at the time of his medical emergency.
  • Unfortunately, Easter Island also lacked the urgent care facilities required to deal with the patient’s emergency.


Time was of the essence in this case. The patient was immediately picked up via air ambulance and transported the 4.45 hours to Santiago, Chile, for surgery. This was the nearest hospital equipped to handle his medical emergency.

The patient eventually returned home safe and well.


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