Spring Forward, but Catch Up on Your ZZZs

March—Tip of the Month

Up here in the Northern hemisphere, warmer weather is arriving soon… we hope! In Canada, the clocks will “spring forward” one hour on March 9, and many of us will spend the next day feeling that one-hour loss. And then we’ll have the next week or so to get adjusted again.

Some studies suggest that there could be a link between time changes and increased risk of a heart attack; this is likely due to sleep deprivation, an issue that plagues many North Americans. So, in the days leading up to changing your clocks, be sure to get to bed a little earlier than usual. And, as always, try to eat healthy options and drink plenty of water. Try to limit your caffeine intake (found in many drinks such as coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, and “energy drinks”) as it tends to disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle. Remember that the only real “cure” for sleepiness is sleep! If you feel tired or drowsy while driving, make sure to pull over or have someone else drive instead. If you’re nodding off in front of the TV or at your computer, why not just head to bed and get a good night’s sleep?

Many people use the time change as a reminder to do home safety checks. This is a great opportunity to check the batteries in both your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and to run through a checklist of safety equipment in your home (e.g., flashlights and extra batteries, a shortwave radio with batteries or a hand crank, some emergency supplies like water and canned food, and a home fire extinguisher). It is also a good idea to have an emergency plan in place—would you, your children, or other members of your household know how to get out of your home if the usual exits were blocked? Put some time aside in March to sit down with your family and run through a home safety plan.

Spring is almost here! If you’ve caught up on your ZZZs by March 20, you’ll have all the more reason to celebrate warmer weather with your family and friends! Happy (almost) Spring!

Ingle’s Tip of the Month was provided by P. Lloyd, Clinical Services Director, Novus Health (part of the Ingle Group of Companies)


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