Studying in Canada? Everything You Need to Know About Your Medical Coverage!


As you prepare to go back to school, watch this video to get comfortable with your insurance coverage. Let Ingle International guide you through a day in the life of insurance. Subtitled videos in multiple languages are also available further below. In these videos you will find:

  • A break-down of your insurance package
  • An introduction to the multilingual team that is looking after you
  • Information on how to identify the level of your medical need (emergency room versus walk-in clinic)
  • An overview of your toolbox, which includes, but is not limited to your website, Intrepid 24/7, the find a doctor tool and how to submit a claim.
  • And more!

Hot tip: Be a smart consumer, always read your policy wording.


Watch this video with English, French, Spanish, Chinese or Vietnamese subtitles.

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