Survival Tips for the Holiday Traveller

As this year’s holiday festivities close in, many of us find ourselves in transit, navigating airport crowds and winter storms as we try to get to our loved ones.

Holiday travel is a bit of a stressful balancing act. For instance, while flights on Christmas Day can be a terrific bargain, they also come with a slim margin of error—one poorly placed winter storm can collapse all of your plans.

To those who will spend part of their holidays in an airport lounge: We feel your pain. Here are a few survival tips to get you through the season.


Get comfortable with the airport
It’s common knowledge that airports are busy this time of year. Still, considering the long lines and waiting rooms that inevitably await you at the terminal, it can be tempting to procrastinate when it comes time to leave the house. Especially if you’ve also left packing to the very last second. (Perpetually disorganized traveller? There’s an app for that.)

We know you just want to watch one more YouTube clip or tidy up one more thing before you leave—but don’t fall into that trap! Getting stuck in a long line when your plane is already boarding is extra stress you just don’t need. Charge your phone in advance, then settle in with your YouTube clips in the airport lounge. (Just don’t get too distracted and miss your boarding call.) Or bring a sketchpad and see how many of your grumpy co-travellers’ faces you can capture. Or make up elaborate backstories for where they’re going and just why they look so grumpy. Or, if you’re stuck in a security lineup, try playing the “Who will set off the metal detector?” guessing game. The fun never stops!


Plan to thwart Mother Nature
Okay, so in theory, this one is next to impossible. Mother Nature is unthwartable. But that doesn’t mean you should let her ruin your trip without a back-up plan in place. While it’s no weather machine, trip cancellation insurance can give you options in the event that the world decides to rain on your holiday travel parade.

For more on the finer points of trip cancellation insurance, read this handy article. Or check out how these three travellers managed to salvage their vacations from impending disaster.


Bring the party with you
An airport guard with a security baton is definitely a poor substitute for your grandmother and her home-baked cookies. Still, who says the party has to stay at home? Make yourself a delicious care package and gorge on holiday treats while you wait. (Or stock up in the duty-free shop!) Better yet, bring a laptop and your favourite holiday movies (or your favourite anti-holiday movies) and watch them on the plane while you dust your screen with festive crumbs.

Do flight delays mean that you’re missing important events with your family? You can always slap on your headphones and Skype from the airport lounge to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action. (Best of all, you’ll be safely distant from helping with the cleanup!)

From our travelling family to yours, we wish you short lines and smooth flights this holiday season!


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