The Ingle Student Team @ International Education Events

At Ingle, we’re so committed to international student education that we regularly take our people—and our information—on the road. Each year, we give our support to conferences across the continent, including CBIE, Languages Canada, CAPS-I, MCIE, BCCIE, and ICEF… to name a few.

And what’s the best part about attending all these conferences? Why, it’s getting the chance to meet and talk with all of you!

We can never resist snapping a few photos to document what a great time we’re having. In fact, we have so many great moments to share that we’ve turned them into a slideshow! Check it out to see where the Ingle team has journeyed so far…

P.S. We’ve got many more great events on the horizon—and we’ll be sure to share them here too. Now that you know where we’ve been, stay tuned to see where we’re going

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