Tour Canada From Coast to Coast – Part 1

Now is the perfect time to visit the Great White North!

It may be heating up everywhere else in the world, but in Canada, the weather is just warming up, offering the most comfortable temperatures for you to explore the jaw-dropping wilderness or bask in the city multicultural city life.

Low season lasts until late June and offers great pricing options for travellers. July and August are high season, but if you book at least 3 weeks before your departure, you can still find below-average pricing for your getaway!

Dive in and find your next Canadian destination!

Armed with miles of picturesque coastlines, British Columbia offers the popular Stanley Park seawall where you can go for a scenic leisure walk or try cycling for a good workout. Challenging hikes up the Rocky Mountains are perfect if you crave adventure. The Capilano Suspension Bridge also offers great photo ops and an opportunity to take a walk on the wild side.

A truly scenic province, with rolling prairies giving way to the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta offers nature lovers activities at every turn; from kayaking on mountain lakes to basking in natural hot springs to horseback riding and hiking in the wild, there’s something here for everyone. You can also check out the famous Calgary Stampede for a taste of authentic Western Canadian culture.

Explore Canada’s very own sand dunes at the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park – you won’t even have to go overseas for a dune buggy adventure! You can also go digging for dinosaur fossils in Grasslands National Park, or climb a geological jungle gym made of fossilized coral at Limestone Crevices. For city lovers, head to Moose Jaw, where tunnels and secret passageways built beneath the streets tell a history of bootlegging, pioneering, and immigrant hardship.

Visit the Royal Canadian Mint, where you can see how coins in 75 countries around the world are made. For outdoor enthusiasts, Grass River Provincial Park offers portaging up to 3 weeks where you camp, canoe or kayak, hike, fish, and more. For the more urban among us, Manitoba also offers zoos, conservatories, museums, theatres, and gardens for your leisure and enjoyment.

Known for one of the world’s greatest gold rushes (the Klondike gold rush), the Yukon still has more to offer. The Yukon Wildlife Preserve, open all year round, is 700 acres of flat lands, rolling hills, wetlands, and cliffs. Home to caribou, elk, goats, moose, deer, bison, sheep, lynx, and more, this park offers the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing wildlife up close in their natural habitat. With a strong First Nations culture and vast natural wonders, travel to the Yukon is a singular adventure.

The Northwest Territories provides some of the best fishing out there. Lakes and fish are larger than life in this territory and you can catch sight of polar bears and whales in the right season. rich in plant life and untouched wilderness, the Northwest Territories boasts several campgrounds that allow you to fully enjoy the outdoors uninterrupted.

The last and largest territory to join Canada, Nunavut is famous for its sea route, the Northwest Passage, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by the way of the Arctic Ocean. Many islands in Nunavut are accessible only by plane or boat, and the landscape is full of tundras, mountains, and pristine nature. The Indigenous People here practice a unique culture and way of life, and their music, performance arts, and handcrafted artworks are a must-see.

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Visitors to Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Explore this diverse and cultural country with no worries. Whether hiking the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, or experience the world’s highest hands-free external walk on the CN Tower in Toronto, we have you covered. 

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