Travel Checklist

You’re serious about going overseas. You’ve signed your contract, bought your ticket, but now it’s time to get really serious. Why? The less prepared you are, the higher the possibility of things going wrong. And there’s nothing worse than having an emergency while far away from family and friends, surrounded by people speaking a language you don’t fully understand! Use our checklist below to get prepared before you go!

  • Double check your itinerary. Verify that your date, departure time, baggage allowance, and seat assignment are all correct, and make any necessary changes ASAP.
  • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your departure date. Keep a passport-sized photo with you in case you need to apply for a new passport while overseas.
  • Buy travel insurance. You’ll need it – The last thing you want to worry about while travelling is high medical costs. Contact us or buy online.
  • Register with the Canadian Embassy in your host country. Visit to register online.
  • Check with your doctor about recommended vaccinations and get any prescription medications before you go. If you are bringing medication* out of the country with you, bring a doctor’s note as well as the official prescription along too. Memorize the drug’s generic name, and find out if it is available where you’ll be travelling (in case you run out).*Certain governments have very strict rules about bringing any type of drug into the country, and require official documentation from your health care provider. Learn more here:
  • Find out whether a visa is required for your trip. Certain countries will require a visa if you want permission to enter. Apply sooner rather than later – the process can be quite lengthy.
  • Follow travel advisories. Get informed about destination-specific travel advisories by checking for more information.
  • Make copies of important travel information. Copy your passport, insurance policy, itinerary, travellers’ cheques, and credit card numbers before you go. Keep one set of copies in a different place than the originals and leave another set at home with a friend or family member.
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws, customs, and social norms of the country you are visiting. Different countries have different laws and norms. Better to learn them before you go rather than risk funny looks (at best) or jail time (at worst).
  • Pack light. Choose clothing that is versatile, avoid carrying unnecessary valuables, purchase supportive gear, and remember, shoes are heavy. Only bring what you need.
  • Phew. That was a lot of work. But now you’re all done. And you know what that means? It’s almost time to go! So be sensible, be safe, and above all, go have the adventure of a lifetime!

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