Travel Insurance… Not as Tedious as You Might Think

Ah, travel. New places, new faces, and all that fun in the sun.

When it comes to travel, we’re all guilty of counting our chickens before they’ve hatched. We’re so excited for all that fun in the sun that we forget just how much planning it takes to actually get there. So what do we do? We daydream about the wonderful adventures to come and conveniently forget about all of the boring stuff we need to do to get there.

In the middle of all that travel prep, it’s easy to leave a few important things off of your checklist. And too often, travel insurance is the first to go. While some travellers get it begrudgingly, others don’t get it at all. And yet, it is probably the simplest, quickest piece of your travel planning puzzle—especially when you buy it online or get help from the experts!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 15 (mostly) tedious steps to turning our dream vacation into a reality. You might be surprised to see that purchasing travel insurance is the cheapest, least-time consuming, and most untedious on this list!

  1. Spend weeks, months, or years saving up for your next big trip.
  2. Decide on a travel pal, travel destination, and travel dates that coincide with a long weekend. (Because since when is 10 days ever enough?)
  3. Ask your superior for time off before everyone else at the office books the same vacation time. (Because don’t we all plan trips around long weekends?)
  4. Make sure your passport is up to date. (Some countries won’t let you enter if your passport is not valid at least six months beyond your date of entry). If it’s not, apply for a new one ASAP—these things can take weeks to process!
  5. Find a flight that is not too expensive, has few (or zero) transfers, and book it online—before the cost mysteriously goes up!
  6. Find accommodations that aren’t too pricey, have few (or zero) bad reviews, and book them online—before the cost mysteriously goes up!
  7. Talk with a travel insurance expert who has the knowledge and expertise to find the right travel insurance for you—in less than 15 minutes. (Did you know? Travel insurance for the young and healthy is approximately $25 for a two-week trip. Not bad, eh? And even those with stable pre-existing medical conditions can find coverage quickly and easily with a bit of help!)
  8. Visit a travel health clinic to find out if you need any immunizations before you go. Typically travel immunizations are not covered by provincial health care—so be prepared to fork out some cash.
  9. Pack your luggage just right—make sure not to bring too much or too little! Unpack and repack several times until you’ve got it. (How many times do you do it each trip?)
  10. Arrive at the airport three hours early—only to stand in line at check-in, baggage drop-off, customs, and security.
  11. Wait for your flight to board. Possibly wait through various delays.
  12. Board the plane, and squish into your seat. Figure out where to put your stuff (and your legs!) for the hours and hours to come.
  13. Sit through awful food, awful movies, awful turbulence, and your neighbour’s awful gas.
  14. Wait impatiently for the crew to let passengers off the plane after landing (…when all you want to do is stretch your legs!).
  15. Disembark only to stand in line at restrooms, customs, baggage pick-up, and security. (Cross your fingers you don’t have to line up at the lost baggage counter too!)

…and finally, you’ve arrived!

So there you have it. Travel insurance really isn’t all that bad. And if you’re still not convinced, just give the friendly experts at Ingle International a call. They’ll do the work for you. Simple as that.

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