Travel Like You’ve Never Travelled Before

School is back in session! Cramming your brain with philosophy, exponents, photosynthesis or statistical P-tests, “what’s next?” keeps popping into your head. Instead of ignoring it, why not explore? At Ingle, we are always looking to inspire budding travellers. And Go Global, an expo for everything travel related, is a great resource to explore your options.

But nothing can inspire you to travel more than hearing the stories of people who have done it.

Tony bought the ticket and took the ride. Using Thai boxing, which he competes in, as his reason to travel, Tony’s adventure has taken him around the world to Australia, Thailand and England.

Initially, Stephanie travelled to Australia to study abroad but then she was hooked. Self-proclaimed “best packer that there is”, find out other highlights of her travel experiences.

Monica participated in her first international exchange at 16. It kindled a burning passion for travel that led her into a string of exchanges.

Follow the example of these travellers. Seize the day. Take the next step and attend Go Global. Toronto, September 19-20; Montreal, September 26; and Boston, September 27.


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