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In case you haven’t made the journey yet, we recommend a trek over to our yet uncharted Facebook territory. Why? For easy access to tons of great travel articles, cross-border advice, and insurance tips, of course! Even better, it is the ideal place to get the conversation started—with Milan, other TIF contributors, or travel lovers like you! You can also give TIF a review, tell us what you’d like to read about, or invite your friends to LIKE our page. All are welcome to the TIF travel club.

Visit our TIF Facebook page and hit LIKE to join us!

And FYI – we are currently working on a redesign of our Ask the Editor page, to help make the Q&A a much smoother process. That’s how much we like hearing from you!

To prove it, we have some questions to get you talking:

  1. How often to you travel, and where do you typically like to go? Please share.
  2. Do you think travel insurance is a luxury or a necessity? We’d like to know.
  3. Have you ever had trouble at the border? Tell us about it.
  4. Have you ever had a medical emergency while travelling abroad? Share your story.
  5. Anything else to say? We’re all ears.

Looking forward to all of the conversations to come!

-The TIF Team

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