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Product Spotlight! TuGo Freedom Emergency Medical Plan

TuGo is a great fit for Canadian snowbirds up to age 89. Even better, rates have yet to increase for the season—so early birds can still save! This plan offers competitive rates and comprehensive benefits, including coverage for stable pre-existing conditions. A simple, straightforward medical questionnaire will ensure that your personal needs are taken into account when determining your coverage category and rate. Are you taking off for the winter? Get some coverage to make sure you have clear skies all the way south. For more information on travel tips and travel insurance, visit the Ingle International blog page for more articles.

Product Spotlight! Gold International Student Plan

The  Gold International Student plan is just what the doctor ordered for students far away from home. Unlike some plans that may not make the grade, the Gold option makes sure international students in Canada are covered for urgent medical care AND treatment for non-emergencies (which includes care for both physical and mental health). In the event of an emergency that requires special treatment, stressed-out students can enjoy relaxing benefits like acupuncture, physiotherapy, and naturopathy. Those looking for a study break can take a short trip to another province or country, knowing their travels are covered. And for students welcoming family from abroad, they can also welcome them on to their health insurance plan—that’s right, caring is sharing! Last but not least, as long as coverage is for an entire year, one general checkup and one eye exam are included. Want health coverage that gets a gold star? Simple enough!…

From Toronto Teen to Global Citizen

Here at Ingle, we love to hear about young people travelling the globe. Whether studying abroad or simply seeking their next great adventure, these youthful travellers get an A+ in our books. And while we continue to encourage and support international education that takes place in the classroom, what better way to learn and grow than to travel the world and take it all in first-hand? So when we heard about the Global Sunrise Project, we were more than just a little impressed. If you think that travel is the best education, you’ll want to learn more about this truly inspiring project… Who? 15-year-old Kasha and her ultra-supportive mom. What? Kasha plans to raise awareness about global issues by documenting her travels and providing a “visual voice” to those she meets along the way. Where? This mother-daughter team knows no bounds. Their hope is to visit 4 big continents in 6 short…

Get Your Free Guide to Snowbird Travel Insurance

As a Canadian who regularly spends time south of the border, you’ll likely agree that getting the right travel insurance can be a complicated necessity. The last thing you want is to have your winter escape plagued by worry: Is your travel insurance plan right for you, your travels, and your current health status? With so many factors to consider and a number of options to choose from, selecting the right plan can be an overwhelming task. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. Ingle has the answers to all of your travel insurance questions. Our comprehensive guide, written by our Senior Product Specialist, is tailored just for snowbirds like you. And, best of all, it’s free! Read the full guide to discover… Your options Overwhelmed by the number of plans available? Wondering which plan suits your needs? The guide will help you better understand your options. …

Ingle at the Semana de la Salud 2013

CEO Robin Ingle (right) with Lucia Madrinan, Consul General of Colombia, at the Semana de la Salud, a joint effort between Latin American consulates in Toronto. The event provides free health information sessions and consultations in order to promote prevention and health awareness.