Use Your Mobile to Buy Travel Insurance?

Eighty per cent of Canadians travelling to Florida this winter will carry cell phones or laptops. A growing number will use them to buy their travel insurance. Why not?

According to the Conference Board of Canada, 40 per cent of Canadians who travel with their mobile devices to Florida this winter can be expected to use them to make some of their travel arrangements. And since travel insurance is one of the most important of those arrangements, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use this new technology to protect yourself.

Fortunately, virtually all travel insurance companies and brokers now offer online or mobile purchasing options. Certainly, all of those advertising on our site do. Try them out. You can also use them for top-ups while you’re out of the country, for changes that might extend your itinerary, or expand it to countries you hadn’t originally intended to visit (e.g., if you bought a Non-USA travel plan and you realize you may have to travel to or through the US), or if you need to cover a family member coming to visit you for a beach holiday.

But when using your laptop or smart phone to buy insurance, understand that you still have to provide accurate and complete information about your health status, and you still have to meet eligibility requirements and qualify for coverage levels that fit your individual needs. You won’t be able to click “add to shopping cart” and leave it at that. Whether buying via your mobile or across the desk from an agent, you still need to know the exclusions and limitations, you still need to provide accurate and complete health information, you still need to sign off that you are responsible for the information you provide, you still need to know what you are required to do in case of a medical emergency, and you still need tangible proof that you are covered when applying for care.

All of these things are possible using your mobile device. But don’t expect your smart phone to make purchasing travel insurance as simple as buying a ticket to a ball game.

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