Visitors to Thailand Could Soon Require Proof of Travel Insurance

Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Ministry has put forth a proposal that would require all visitors to present proof of travel insurance coverage upon entering the country. With tourism on the rise in Thailand, the ministry says these measures will protect hospitals from being on the hook for the cost of medical care provided to travellers with no way to pay.

Thailand would not be the first country to enact rules like this. A number of European countries already require proof of adequate travel insurance coverage before you enter their borders.

And it’s not only the country’s hospitals that would be protected under this plan. For travellers headed abroad, travel insurance coverage is vitally important, as the cost of medical care outside one’s home country can be frighteningly expensive. And should you require transportation back home for continuing medical care, an air evacuation can cost tens of thousands of dollars—which is why you frequently hear stories of uninsured travellers who are stuck in hospitals abroad. Should an emergency arise while you are away from home, the last thing you want is to be isolated from your friends and family—or to be worrying about costly medical bills.

Even if your destination doesn’t specifically require proof of your travel insurance, it’s a good thing to carry on hand so that the question of who will be paying your medical bills will never be a distraction from your care in the event of an emergency.

Make sure to travel with this safety net in place, and you will already be prepared for rule changes such as this one—while simultaneously safeguarding your own care.


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