We support the fight for Freedom and Justice

Dear colleagues,

The past few weeks have served as a stark reminder of the horrific impact of anti-Black racism across North America. We have also seen diverse demonstrations of people around the world, banding together in a collective call for change.

We, at StudyInsured™, support the fight against racism, prejudice and bigotry in all its forms. As one of the largest and longest-serving providers of international student insurance, we believe that the study abroad experience is transformational, helping to expand our world views and teach tolerance and respect for each other.

While Canada outwardly celebrates diversity, international students within our borders have sadly, been subjected to acts of bullying, racism and discrimination. In the spirit of actions speaking louder than words, we want to empower our partner schools with useful tools in the fight against social injustice through the following initiatives:  

  • cyberbullying toolkit, outlining strategies to help educators identify and respond to such incidents
  • mental wellness hub, with tips and resources for students seeking assistance with emotional, mental and physical health
  • Student Assistance Plan (SAP) by Aspiria, a support system of wellness and counselling services for those suffering from the ill-effects of discrimination or marginalization.

From our part, we commit to speaking out against intolerance and engaging in more active listening to effect positive change. We will continue to search for additional ways to champion inclusivity, not as an act of political correctness but as the right thing to do.

Let us band together as anti-racist allies, doing our part to put this age-old issue squarely behind us, and in the past where it belongs. We, and certainly our international students, deserve that much.

Be aware and be kind.


Guillaume Deybach
Chief Operating Officer

Help your international students by downloading our Tool Kit to help fight racism and bullying

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