Companion Discount was made for Canadians!

Canadians love to travel, particularly when it involves jetting off with a family member or friend. In fact, the latest outbound data for travelling Canadians saw a new record set for the number of trips to overseas countries this past fall.

Increased foreign travel has coincided with a greater need for travel insurance, particularly when considering some countries now request that travellers show proof of medical coverage before entering their borders. Travel insurance is important for a plethora of reasons (providing coverage for cancellations, health care, lost baggage, etc.), but did you know there’s a way to save your clients money on their insurance plan while still delivering them the best possible coverage to suit their needs? There’s something most travellers are missing out on when booking their travel insurance: the companion discount.

What is a companion discount?

A companion discount is a saving passed on to a client by the insurer when the insured travels abroad with a friend or family member. It’s something that many insurers do not offer, and the ones that do often do not shout about it. The discount generally only applies to those who travel as a pair, so it’s an ideal plan for either partners or travelling friends. Those who wish to travel in larger groups or are taking a family vacation should consider group or family discount plans. Travellers looking for the discount will be required to select the exact same times and travel information—so, no meeting up in the middle of the trip; the participants must truly be travelling together. Then, upon completion of their purchase, travellers will be provided with the discount.

What are the benefits?

Insurance plans can often be complicated for the consumer. The Internet offers a goldmine of information, but this more often than not leads to contradictory advice that can leave the consumer in the lurch. Thankfully, the companion discount is pretty clear in what it offers: a direct saving to the client, as long as they are travelling with a friend or family member who also purchases the same coverage plan. Savings can vary, but travellers can usually expect a 5 per cent discount on their premium. That’s extra money your client can use to splurge on an excursion, a fancy dinner, or simply to take along as extra spending money for their vacation.

How can MSH International help?

The Canuck Voyage plan for Canadian travellers includes a 5 per cent discount on the insured’s premium when coverage is purchased for two people travelling together. For potential clients, it’s simple to obtain. The travellers simply need to purchase coverage together for the same trip, with the discount available regardless of whether the coverage is purchased online or over the phone.

Canadian Travellers

Travel freely, travel blissfully. We cover Canadian Travellers with travel medical insurance and non-medical travel insurance such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, and baggage worldwide. We’ve got it all taken care of. For more information, visit, call us at 1-800-360-3234 or email us at

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