Why Should I Do a Co-Op Term with Ingle International?

So, you’re looking for a co-op position. And you probably think or even know that you’re good, really good. And you have a world of choice ahead of you—I mean, think big names like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn… or RBC, TD, CIBC. How do you go about picking that great co-op experience? What do you base your decision on: a cool office in the valley, a fat paycheck, an exciting start-up culture, or a big name on your resume?

It really boils down to what you want from your co-op experience… and to some extent everyone has their own choice. However, keep in mind that the first few months and years of your work experience will likely decide the trajectory of your career. What you learn from your co-op term—whether it is an approach, technology platforms, or ways of looking at the world of work and relating with others—all this can be a fantastic boost to your career-building efforts, or, if you’re not careful, a lot of ho-hum.


With that in mind, we invite you to work with us at Ingle International. Why? Some companies look for interns who have all the skills they need, and who already have experience doing the specific things they need done. Some companies may be more altruistic and look for raw potential, looking to give back to the community. Some internship programs are intense (did you hear that about Goldman Sachs telling their interns to go home at midnight?). Or there are the companies where you may end up getting stuck with busywork, such as the fun task of manually typing in data from one legacy system to a newer legacy system. Or even more fun, working on a /usr/tmp or C:\Temp project that will never see light of day, just something invented to keep you busy. We are not one of these companies.


At Ingle, we treat our interns as if they were already engineers, with the respect that any engineer deserves. We help you onboard even before you get here, and when you arrive we give you a thorough walkthrough. We assign you developer mentors. We get you going. Plus, we value your intelligence, and your perspective. Often you may be that one person who gets to be the expert on the hot new thing, and no matter how senior or fabulous our superstar engineers are, you can expect them to be humble, and to treat you with honesty and respect.

At Ingle, we are picky: we strive for a perfect fit, no less than win-win. Which is why our test is hard (harder than a midterm) and our interviewers don’t wear kid gloves. At the end of it all, if you don’t say “wow, I learned a lot”, and we don’t say “wow, s/he built a lot,” then we didn’t do our job in finding a perfect fit. Here at Ingle, we expect you to be running with the rest of the team in two weeks. We know you’re smart—you know how to make it work. We expect you to learn, grow, and to do what matters: ship code to production.


Are you interested in enriching your coding skills? Work with us for your next co-op and find out what Ingle can offer you! Get in touch here.

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