Why Travel? These Travel Bloggers Will Tell You

With all of the risks associated with travel, Ingle International staff members are often asked: “Why travel at all?”

There are waaay too many answers to that question (and too little space), so we ask you to join us every Thursday for our “Why Travel?” series on Facebook and Twitter. Who better than some of the best travel bloggers out there to give you some wonderfully written answers to this question? Just make sure to check back every week…


So… Why travel? 

  • To bring the country to the city, and vice versa. Explore the world with Farm Boy and City Girl.
  • To take a break from real life. Use the world as your stage with Take Me to the World.
  • To see what life is like off the beaten track. Experience the world through the 360° view of SeeYouSoon.
  • To leave a small town for the big life. Pack up and go with GringosAbroad.
  • To cross the second-largest country on earth. Do some coast-to-coast adventuring with Must Do Canada.
  • To break out of the cubicle. Live life on the lam with Man On The Lam.
  • To let the world be your jungle gym. Hop from one place to the next with Brendan’s Adventures.
  • Monkey see, monkey do. Follow in the footsteps of Monkeys and Mountains.
  • To enjoy the tangled mess that is life. Get caught up in Candice Does the World.
  • To live your passion. Find work-life balance with Traveling Canucks.
  • To live for the moment! Stop standing still with Greg Goes Global.
  • To enjoy culinary adventures both near and far! Merge your love of food and travel with The Wanderfull Traveler.
  • To fall in love with your home and native land. Start crushing on Canada with Roadstories.
  • To see the world in style. Revel in the authentic, unique, and boutique with Grown Up Travels.
  • To live a life less ordinary. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with The Planet D.
  • To look at things a little differently. See the world through a new set of eyes with Atlas Obscura.
  • To teach, to learn, to live. Find your calling with My Several Worlds.
  • To learn by experience. Get your travel savvy on with Savoir Faire Abroad.
  • To find love… or whatever else comes along! Seek out romance around the globe with Roamancing.
  • To experience the near and the far. Enjoy ‘le sigh’ with Natalie Taylor.
  • To give your children an education they’ll never forget. Make the world your classroom with The Edventure Project.
  • To grin and share it. Share your smiley face with Smiling Faces Travel Photos.
  • To catch the travel bug and never let it go. Get bit by the bug with Girl, Unstoppable.
  • To follow your dreams. Leave behind the 9 to 5 with So Many Places.
  • To introduce the world to your family… and your family to the world! Enjoy some family time with Travel with Bender.
  • To let the honeymoon stage last. Travel the world with the newlyweds at HoneyTrek.
  • To discover the unexpected. Stay on the weirder side of travel with A Nerd At Large.
  • Because absence makes the heart grow fonder. Rediscover your love for home with A Montrealer Abroad.
  • To see the world and share it. Tell your story with Passion Passport.
  • To get outside and explore. Get moving with The Adventure Freelancer.
  • To be guided by your appetite. Let your stomach roar with a A Cook Not Mad.
  • Because you just can’t get enough. And for those times when you can’t get away, there’s always the Travel Yourself web series.
  • To make the absurd your every day. From Japan to Germany, the Hollywood North Report loves seeking out the weird and the wonderful.
  • To satisfy your cultural curiosities. Feed your wanderlust with The Cultureur.
  • To create a life that is your own. Leave it all behind with Bacon Is Magic.
  • To have wild and wicked world adventures! It seems girls do have more fun… Read Girl’s Getaway to find out why.
  • To set yourself free. Forget your plans and your possessions with Hecktic Travels.
  • To go a little crazy! Let your inner daredevil free with Matt Gibson.
  • To experience a little bit of awesome in your own backyard. Get to know your home and native land a little better with I Backpack Canada.
  • To get out of a rut. Where is your inspiration destination? Inspire yourself with Breathedreamgo.
  • To experience daily life around the world. The Professional Hobo has travelled full-time in a financially sustainable way since 2007.
  • To keep things in perspective à la Legal Nomads! Learn how coming back “home” can mean entering a whole new world.
  • To eat portion sizes like you’ve never eaten before! Find your favourite episode of Man v. Food to plan a food-filled weekend in America.

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  1. Mariellen Ward Reply

    Yup, travelling to India for six months sure did get me out of my rut! It also gave me a new career and a new start on life. Loving this chapter 🙂

    Thanks for noticing!

    • Kathleen O'Hagan Reply

      That’s great! Congrats on the new job! 🙂 I hope I make it to India one day…

      -Copywriter & Editor, Ingle International

  2. girlsgetaway Reply

    Many thanks for the mention and yes we do love our wild and wicked travels;)

    • Kathleen O'Hagan Reply

      Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to read more about your wicked adventures. 😉

      -Copywriter & Editor, Ingle International

  3. Marie-Eve Vallières Reply

    Thanks for the mention! Absence does make the heart grow fonder. 🙂

    • Kathleen O'Hagan Reply

      You’re very welcome! And thanks for popping by our website. Keep writing! 😉

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